About Us

Splinker™ QR Codes and Marketplaces provide instant access to information that is uniquely stored in one or more of our eight Marketplaces – or personalized web pages. And, that’s where we’re different. Other QR Code producers expect that you have a website to link your code to. Splinker’s model offers free x 3 – free apps, free QR Codes and free web pages. So what’s the catch? Nada. There’s more. You can also receive free basic GPS tracking data about who is scanning your Codes and link up with your social media sites.

This idea of Splinker was a collaboration by a couple of MBA’s at the University of Utah and a graduate of Columbia University MSRED’s program. Together they took their practical experience working with local businesses, marketing products, and community planning and created a system anyone can benefit from.

Steve Akerlow, Mike Akerlow and Jon Osier’s vision is about taking QR Code scanning technology and making it simple, fun, and easy. Splinker is finally a site anyone can use. It isn’t the first to generate QR Codes – but because it offers a higher level of service than any other free site, it is simply the best. On-demand information is the expectation and Splinker.com is the standard for rapidly transporting users to people, leads, products, services and knowledge. Take a moment to look at our logo. The orange orbs signify the leads dropping into your Marketplace -- one scan at a time. You name it – you can code it.


Advanced Splinker tools and resources will be coming shortly, so please check back often.

So what do we ask in return for all this free x 3? It’s simple, please support others in the Splinker Network and spread the news about how you use Splinker.

Steve, Mike and Jon
We are currently in beta testing. We would like your 2 cents along the way. Please click on the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page to give us valuable feedback on improving the site. The beta will close later 2012 so please give us your feedback as you use the service.